What does not a valid win32 application mean? Say, with Chrome setup?

Browsing through my logs I see a ton of searches like this:

chrome setup.exe not valid win32

I’m not sure which part of this site they are hitting. Anyway, this is for you.

In my experience “not a valid win32 application” invariably means a corrupt executable. I’d guess that what has happened here is that your web browser did not download the entire setup file, but stopped half way. Internet Explorer is particularly bad in this respect: it tells you that a download is complete, when you can see that it is not because the download size is not what it should be. It usually happens when the connection is poor, either at your end, or because of a busy server. It beats me why browsers don’t make a basic check on the file size after download.

It can also happen with a CD or DVD install, if the disk is corrupt or the drive is failing; or if your hard drive is failing.

The usual solution is to re-download the file.

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12 thoughts on “What does not a valid win32 application mean? Say, with Chrome setup?”

  1. Corrupt downloads are one thing that Metalink is used to prevent. It includes file sizes & hashes to verify if a file is complete & identical, along with extra URLs for backup in case one goes down.

  2. I downloaded a file I know works with XP as hundreds have used it with no problem but on my machine it gives me the error above.

    I tried my another XP machine and got a simular error.

    I’m not sure what to do to resolve the issue. I’ve redownloaded it several times and with differant browsers and it still gives me the error.

    I have a useless, dead $500 cell phone w/o this program working so I am pretty frustrated at this point.

  3. @Jesse

    It sounds like the problem is with the file, especially if it occurs on other machines.

    Are you able to check the exact file size against the online copy; and also verify that the online copy is OK?


  4. I also had this (similar) message when trying to download Norton antivirus removal tool which I am trying desperately to get rid of. Any ideas?

  5. @Chris

    Beware – apparently some viruses actually display this message to mislead you into thinking they are not working.

    Otherwise, it’s probably just an incomplete download.


  6. i am getting chrome.exe corrupt file message in buttom of pc time to time.i am using google chrome web browser for more than 1 months.can any one suggest me how to get free from this sorts of message

  7. My firewall was causing incomplete file downloads. Everytime I shutdown the firewall before downloading a file, it works out.

  8. Hello Guys, I’m hard pressed to try to download Google Chrome. I’ve downloaded several versions and how Google chrome … but always failed ….” Unable to start the application which has been entered correctly (0xc0000005) “I keep trying again with Standalone, I got the message” C: Users Downloads ChromeStandalonesetup.exe not a valid win 32 application ”
    so also when I tried Chrome for OS version he was too new, not compatible with the OS that I use.
    I try again with Chrominium How to Install successful, but crash again and again, I also have tried to Download the version that indiscriminate, all ended with a crash and freeze.
    I am using my new Windows XP Pro Upgrade to Windows 7 Ultimate 32 – Bit OS. I use Kapersky Antivirus … but I also had to disable the AV when going to Download …. hhh it’s too tired.
    I hope you- you- you… can help me solve this problem.

    thanks in advance.


  9. When I check the windows problems Reg Cure using the software, I get problems in COM / Active X 5, and the problem of the Windows start up 2.
    Is this also can cause that I can not download the exe and installing Google Chrome? but other software that I use exe downloads, all I can download it right … so, what should I do?

    thanks to your time.

  10. Ok so i ahve this problem too at ALL my games!!!i think my antivirus deleted something corrupet at the windows files..there is not anything to do???i dont want to format my PC..

  11. Use firefox to download the chrome installer,instead of IE. I had the same issue. Let me know how it goes

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