H.264, AAC comes to Silverlight. Game over for VC-1?

Microsoft has announced that Silverlight will support the H.264 video standard “in a future version”, along with AAC for audio. H.264 is also used by Adobe Flash and has wide adoption across the industry; it’s likely that your HD video camera records to H.264, for example.

Good news for Silverlight, though it may be a while before we see this rolled out, but surely bad news for VC-1, Microsoft’s preferred video format and part of the Windows Media family. Why would anyone not standardize on H.264 now?

2 thoughts on “H.264, AAC comes to Silverlight. Game over for VC-1?”

  1. bluray and hd-dvd support the same codecs, for video, they are: MPEG2(like dvd), AVC(h.264), VC-1(WMV 9 HD or whatever MS calls it)

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