Microsoft makes up with the OMG

Microsoft has joined the Object Management Group:

Microsoft Corp. today outlined its approach for taking modeling into mainstream industry use and announced its membership in the standards body Object Management Group™ (OMG™).

I’m not clear exactly when Microsoft joined the OMG. It is already listed as a Contributing Member (the highest level) here. Still, the warm words are something new. In the past Microsoft’s modelling strategy has been presented as an alternative to the OMG. For example, here’s IBM’s Agile Development expert Scott Ambler in a 2005 article:

Luckily, the OMG isn’t the only modeling game in town. Microsoft has struck out on its own, a strategy that has clearly served it well in the past, and is suggesting a new approach to modeling: Domain Specific Languages (DSLs).

And here’s Grady Booch in 2004, on why UML is good and why he “disagrees with Microsoft’s rejection of the UML in favour of proprietary domain-specific languages.”

Before the UML vs DSL wars it was the CORBA vs COM wars, and in both cases it was OMG on one side and Microsoft on the other.

It’s different now, with warm words from OMG CEO Dr Richard Mark Soley:

Microsoft has always been one of the driving forces in the development industry, helping to make innovation possible but also simplifying many of the most challenging aspects of the application development process …[stuff about UML] … Microsoft’s broad expertise and impact will make its membership in OMG beneficial to everyone involved.

It is all part of Microsoft’s efforts to establish “Oslo”, its new modelling initiative which it hopes is the next big thing in development productivity, and will feature in the next Visual Studio.

I wonder what has happened to software factories, which was Microsoft’s modelling buzzword just a couple of years ago? Part of Oslo, or now abandoned?

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