She Loves You: the beginning of my music life

I am going to write about my life as a music fan, for no other reason than that I want to. The story starts in late 1963. I was 4, nearly 5. We lived in a big old farmhouse in Cheshire in north-west England; there was not a record player in the house. There was, however, a radio or two; and I recall this song being played.

She loves you yeah yeah yeah she loves you yeah yeah yeah she loves you …

I don’t know why I remember it, except that it is catchy as hell, and my dad complained about the lyrics. Unfortunately I don’t recall exactly what he said about them, but I can imagine … simplistic, repetitive, brainless, something like that. He was a lover of words and a published poet; his opinion was worth listening to.

In dad’s defence, I am sure it was not at all obvious that this is a great song. Somehow it captures universal human emotions in a way that almost anyone can relate to. Being a bit annoying to a man of my dad’s generation (he was 52) was part of the appeal as well.

As for me, at the time I didn’t have any opinion about the song. I recognized it though, and it is my first musical memory. It’s good to have one that has withstood the passing years so well.

She Loves You by The Beatles

She Love You by The Beatles (1963)