The who’s music brilliantly discussed

Ever wondered what Tommy is really about? Curious about those odd Who tracks like Dogs and Circles? Interested in what reviewers at the time thought about the Who’s classic tracks? Or where to get the best-sounding versions?

I highly recommend this discussion on Steve Hoffman’s forum, and especially the contributions by a Norwegian called Chris who goes by the user name Devotional. He has written meticulous, affectionate and well-informed essays on every Who release he knows, and they make excellent reading. Unfortunately the thread and Devotionals contributions are taking their time, and after 9 months it is only up to 1970, but good things are worth waiting for.

As the thread is lengthy, here’s a few entries to get you started:

Anyway Anyhow Anywhere

My Generation

My Generation (Album)


The Kids are Alright

Happy Jack

A quick one

I can see for Miles

The Who Sell Out


Magic Bus

Pinball Wizard


You will also find the thread stuffed with photos and press clippings, many of which I had not seen before.