Brian Eno and Rick Holland: Drums between the bells

Brian Eno and Rick Holland are releasing Drums between the Bells on 4th July 2011. Here’s a sample song, called Glitch:

Brian Eno – glitch (taken from Drums Between The Bells) by Warp Records

“There is a glitch in the system outside the brain flow,” it begins; and while I would not like to be pressed on the meaning of this statement I like the track, which is intriguing, melodic and percussive, complete with electronically modified vocals. If you prefer the non-ambient Eno to the ambient Eno, as I guess I do, you might like this one.

You can get it from Eno Shop in a variety of formats, including an expensive book and 2CD package with bonus instrumental versions of the tracks, or as a standard CD.

One thought on “Brian Eno and Rick Holland: Drums between the bells”

  1. Not offended by it. Must listen a few more times.

    Maybe it’s just the accent, but does it remind you of some of the work of ‘Air’?

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