A classic album you may have missed

Soul is not really my kind of music. Maybe it should be. I discovered this album back in the Eighties when I heard it playing in a shop.


The title track, a cover of Sam Cooke’s song, is astonishing. The pace is slower than the original. The song builds from a quiet, haunting opening into a heartfelt, almost prayerful appeal. Burke’s effortless vocals are melodic yet powerful; it sounds real, even to the voiceover at the end.

It’s been a long long long time comin’, but a change is gonna come, a change has got to come.

There is nothing quite like it elsewhere on the album, but plenty to enjoy, from the soulful Love buys Love to fun tracks like Don’t Tell me what a man won’t do for a woman.

The sound is immaculate, and the accompaniment, including the “Windfall Horns” (Bill Samuels, Terry Tullos and Ernie Gautreau), is nearly perfect.

It is the sound of New Orleans and was recorded at Studio Solo in Slidell, Louisiana.