Great sounding recordings

There was a discussion on a music form of which the best sounding recordings out there.

I am always amused by these discussions because I see stuff picked that is great music (at least to those who pick it) but cannot honestly be described as great-sounding in a technical sense.

Of course it is hard to separate; and maybe there are albums that sound deliberately “bad” as part of the artistic statement.

Conversely, if the music does not interest you, it is hard to appreciate the sonics.

Here were my picks though: six albums that I know will always sound good.

Kind of Blue by Miles Davis – great presence and realism, interesting bass lines to follow.

Carpenters by The Carpenters. Probably influenced by the great voice, but I find this a really natural sounding recording. CD you can get for pennies at any supermarket here in the UK.

New Blood by Peter Gabriel. Modern recording, just very nicely done. Probably helped by natural acoustic sound of orchestra etc.

The Freewheelin’ Bob Dylan. I like this for its simplicity and realism. If you want a recording where you can close your eyes and imagine a man there singing, this is excellent.

Electric Cafe by Kraftwerk. Great sounding electronica.

Stravinksky: Le sacre de Printemps/L’Oiseau de feu; Detroit Symphony Orchestra, Antal Dorati (Decca) No idea how this ranks in a list of fine-sounding classical recordings but I like it, beautifully conveys the drama of the music.

Always interested in hearing about other people’s favourites, from a sonic point of view.