How not to ship a hard drive

I ordered a hard drive from and was taken aback by the way it was shipped to me – in a flimsy padded envelope with no additional protection.


In case you are wondering how to ship a hard drive, this is the illustration from the Western Digital support site:


which adds:

Place in sturdy cardboard box. Do not use chipboard, as it is not strong enough to withstand the rigors of transit. Please make sure the corrugated carton is free from defects and is structurally sound. Note: Returning a WD hard drive in an envelope, will void the warranty.

I protested and offered to take the drive back but gave me no explanation for the incorrect packaging. Surprisingly the drive checks out OK, although hidden damage is a concern.

2 thoughts on “How not to ship a hard drive”

  1. I found drives sent to me from Amazon were even worse. 4x drives loose in a huge box containing other things, including a large NAS. One of the drives had even smashed through the side of the box of the NAS and dented the metal case of the NAS!

    One drive was dead on arrival, including showing a higher number of dead sectors on each scan using the Samsung utils. The 2nd & 3rd drives failed similarly in less than a week.

    1. Ouch! Though oddly enough I had a drive from Amazon recently that was properly packed in a Western Digital box.


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