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The insecurity of Verified by Visa and MasterCard SecureCode

An article on the H points to this paper by Steven Murdoch and Ross Anderson, from the University of Cambridge Computer Laboratory, on the poor security design of the 3-D secure (3DS) protocol used by Visa and MasterCard in the UK and catching on worldwide. In addition, 3DS undermines privacy by sending a full description of each transaction to the card issuer or its contractors.

Banks also use the supposed additional security of 3DS to shift liability for fraudulent use towards the customer.

What’s wrong with 3DS? The authors list a number of issues. The 3DS system throws up a request for additional authentication in a pop-up dialog or iFrame, which means you cannot easily check its source; it could be a phishing attack. The memorable pass phrase that is meant to prevent this is vulnerable to man-in-the-middle attacks, as well as impatient users who might not bother to read it. Password reset mechanisms are often poorly implemented, and may depend on semi-public information such as date of birth.

The authors suggest that a simple approval process, such as a text message to your phone asking for an authorisation code, would be more secure, even if only as a stop-gap before adopting a more robust solution.

I find it surprising that 3DS has been adopted so widely despite well-known flaws. As the authors note:

3-D Secure has received little public scrutiny despite the fact that with 250 million users of Verified by Visa alone, it’s probably the largest single sign-on system ever deployed.

Well, with this post I am doing my bit.