Server admin on the go with Microsoft’s Windows Phone 7 app for SBS 2011

Microsoft has created a Windows Phone 7 app for managing the forthcoming Small Business Server 2011 Essentials.

The app sends alerts to your home page, and lets you perform certain tasks remotely:

  • View storage status
  • View status of connected computers
  • Start PC backup
  • Enable and disable user accounts
  • Reset user password
  • Reboot server


A neat feature for simple server admin, and a bit of stealth marketing for Microsoft’s smartphone, which is struggling to make an impact.

I hope the app has some additional security though. Otherwise, a phone thief could cause mayhem with those few features.

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2 comments on this post.
  1. Chris:

    Forthcoming SBS 2011? It’s already out isn’t it?

  2. Andy Parkes:

    SBS 2011 *Standard* is out now

    SBS 2011 *Essentials* is due out “first half 2011”

    This post is talking about the Essentials product 🙂