Finding obscure commands in Office 2007

I was intrigued to see an article on CNET called Word 2007 loses the ability to export outlines to Powerpoint. It says:

There’s a great little feature in Microsoft Word 2003 and earlier versions of the word-processing program that lets you export to Powerpoint an outline of any Word file formatted with headings … I was all set to tell you how to use the feature in Word 2007 when I realized it has been removed.

I wondered if perhaps the feature was still there, but the author missed it, so I used my usual technique for finding obscure commands in Office 2007. Go to Customize Quick Access Toolbar, then choose More Commands, then All Commands. Hey, there it is:

This is a great place to look if you cannot find a feature you used in earlier versions of Office.

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12 comments to Finding obscure commands in Office 2007

  • Thanks very much for the tip on where to look for commands “missing” from the new version of Word. I’ll come back to this topic in a future blog post, and I’ll certainly credit you with the useful information (with a prominent link to your blog, of course).

  • Kurt Anderson

    Powerpoint 2007 also has an option in the Open dialog box to open “All Outlines(*.txt;*.rtf;*.wpd;*.doc;*.docx;*.docm;*.wps)”. The ability to share between products in the suite is enhanced in 2007 so try importing various word documents to see how Powerpoint utilizes the content in the new version. I think you’ll be pleasantly surprised.

  • hb

    I attempted to use this command with a docx document in Word 2007, but after processing for a few seconds it tells me that the location where I am trying to save the document is inaccessible, and that it may be full, write-protected, etc.

    Also, I attempted to import the Word document using PPT 2007 using the Convert Outline to Slides command, and after a long period of processing (the progress bar inches along to about 3/4 finished), it just stops with no error message.

    This is so frustrating! This is supposed to be one of the beauties of using MS Office….

  • hb

    Just FYI, I am using custom styles but they are all correctly assigned outline levels.

  • hb

    OK, I figured it out–the command does work but only with the built-in Word headings (whereas in Office 2003 you could convert documents with custom styles/custom outline levels).

    Please let me know if anyone finds a workaround. Thanks.

  • Hi Tim,

    That is a great trick! Hope you don’t mind, I shared it with my readers at my Office 2007 help site – with full kudos to you of course!

    Paul W

  • Patrick Sweeney

    Thanks you for the tip, i really missed this feature and was about to spend a lot of time creating a similar solution.

  • Meliss B.

    This is wonderful. I am a university professor and am always trying to teach/assist students with shortcuts and navigation tips and was lost without this function. Thanks so much for the direction.
    Meliss B.

  • TJ Elliott

    What a lifesaver it was to find this tip!!

    Many thanks.

  • Pat

    Oh very good. Thanks so much! This helps with some things I do very frequently.

  • kate

    This is not working for me. I used microsoft predetermined headings throughout my document and when i try sending it to pwr point through word as suggested it opens a pwr point document but the screen is blue (its not there) the same happens if i havge a blank power point open. I also tried opening the word document through all files and all outlines and it would say its loading but cancel or something and go to a new presentation!!!! please help!!

    the only concern that may be affecting it is the word document is fairly large and has some charts and pictures

  • Abhimanyu

    It does not work….please help