First screenshots of Visual Studio 2010 UI

Jason Zander has posted some screenshots and info about the new WPF-based UI for Visual Studio 2010.

An early build of VS 2010 was handed out at PDC last year, but lacked the new UI.

Floating document windows is a great new feature. That said, Visual Studio 2008 works rather well; I hope the new version is equally fast and stable.

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One thought on “First screenshots of Visual Studio 2010 UI”

  1. Isn’t this just another band-aid on the flawed MDI model? This is exactly how the Mac always worked in IDE’s like CodeWarrior, and XCode can work in such a fashion.

    Don’t get me wrong – Visual Studio is one of the best IDE’s, but this “feature” is just trying to fix problems in an inherently broken model.

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