Internet hotspot tethering comes to the Lumia 800

Nokia’s first Windows Phone, the Lumia 800, has gained Internet Sharing in a recent update.


This is a fantastically useful feature if you have a data plan that includes a reasonable amount of data transfer. For example, perhaps you bought one of Google’s great value Nexus 7 tablets, reviewed here. This is Wi-Fi only, but combine it with a smartphone hotspot like this one and you can be online anywhere.

One snag is that the Lumia already has short battery life and this will drain it even faster, if enabled. If I am stuck in an airport and can find a mains point, one workaround I use is to attach the phone to a laptop via USB so that it continues to charge while you are online.

This feature removes what was to me the biggest flaw in the Lumia 800, which is an excellent phone. Unfortunately too many customers have had technical problems, the worst of which is the will not charge bug that is one of the most-read posts on this site. I have not experienced this myself for a while, so there is hope that Nokia has fixed this one too.

4 thoughts on “Internet hotspot tethering comes to the Lumia 800”

  1. The “excellent phone” (Lumia 800) had a biggest flaw (no internet sharing), now fixed but the “excellent phone” also “already has short battery life” so the fix for the “biggest flaw” is not that useful because of the battery life “snag”. Wait, all is not lost, there IS a workaround if you are in an airport (or can travel to one), and find a power outlet. The workaround is: carry a laptop with you. How convenient. You will also need to bring the Nexus 7 (or a similar gadget that needs the internet sharing in the first place).

    “fantastically useful feature” for an “excellent phone”. Is today April 1st?

    1. Hi Burak, the battery life is only likely to be an issue if you want to use internet sharing for an extended period. I would say the same about any smartphone so this is not specific to the Lumia, though I agree that the battery life on the Lumia is a bit below average.

      Ummm, if you don’t have another device with you then you won’t want internet sharing, not sure what your point is there?


      1. My point is, if you already happen to own a Lumia 800, then internet sharing update could probably be considered as ‘fantastic’ and your post may sound appropriate.

        But after reading it, as a non-owner, “excellent” sounds like a sarcastic remark for the phone, “fantastically useful” sounds like a sarcastic remark for the feature.

        1. I do like the phone; the reasons are in the review I referenced. This post isn’t a review though!

          Thanks for the comments.


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