New Delphi, RAD Studio XE announced

Embarcadero has announced RAD Studio XE and will be showing a number of “sneak peaks” during August prior to release in “early September”. You can see the previews and further information here.

The suite includes Delphi XE, C++Builder XE, Delphi Prism XE (Delphi for Visual Studio and .NET) and RadPHP XE.

The first preview focuses on integrated Subversion support, a nice feature but hardly a game changer – most IDEs have had this for years, though this looks comprehensive with differencing, file history and so on within the IDE.


There’s also a look at RadPHP, which is a new version of Delphi for PHP. It is reminiscent of ASP.NET Web Forms, in that it gives a drag-and-drop visual designer and lets you quickly hook up code to event handlers such as a button click. There’s also a component model and the ability to set breakpoints for debugging. We even get the old listbox and editbox demo which I recall from Delphi 1 days.


Embarcadero’s Mike Rozlog blogs about the new product here.

I am a big fan of Delphi and C++ Builder, but my initial reaction is that developers are going to say, where is cross-platform for Mac and Linux that was talked about last year, where is 64-bit Delphi? None of this looks remotely cutting-edge.

The published Roadmap is short on dates, but I’m guessing some of this may come next year.

29 thoughts on “New Delphi, RAD Studio XE announced”

  1. Looks like Embarcadero is failing the Delphi community which I thought would occur. Looking at the new/enhanced features list minimal change was performed. As far as enhancements to the IDE I turn off most of them because “THEY GET IN MY WAY”. I will in no way give up on Delphi. It is just as I expected that every other or every-every other revision is useless. They will put out a good revision one day and I will update then.

  2. i’ve installed rad studio xe, but i can’t open .Net project ..
    where can i get Delphi Prism XE (Delphi for Visual Studio and .NET) installer??
    thx b4 😀

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