RunRev renames product to LiveCode, supports iPad and iPhone but not Windows Phone 7

Runtime Revolution has renamed its software development IDE and runtime to LiveCode, which it says is a “modern descendent of natural-language technologies such as Apple’s HyperCard.” The emphasis is on easy and rapid development using visual development supplemented with script.

It is now a cross-platform development platform that targets Windows, Mac and Linux. Android is promised soon, there is a pre-release for Windows Mobile, and a new pre-release targets Apple’s iOS for iPad and iPhone.

LiveCode primarily creates standalone applications, but there is also a plug-in for hosting applets in the browser, though this option will not be available for iOS.

Now that Apple has lifted its restrictions on cross-platform development for iOS, it is Microsoft’s Windows Phone 7 that looks more of a closed device. The problem here is that Microsoft does not permit native code on Windows Phone 7, a restriction which also prohibits alternative runtimes such as LiveCode. You have to code applications in Silverlight or XNA. However, Adobe is getting a special pass for Flash, though it will not be ready in time for the first release of Windows Phone 7.

If Windows Phone 7 is popular, I imagine other companies will be asking for special passes. The ubiquity of Flash is one factor holding back Silverlight adoption, so in some ways it is surprising that Microsoft gives it favoured treatment, though it makes a nice selling point versus Apple’s iPhone.

3 thoughts on “RunRev renames product to LiveCode, supports iPad and iPhone but not Windows Phone 7”

  1. Wasn’t the head of IBM who famously said ‘I see market for 4, maybe 5 computers worldwide’ back in the 70s?

    Kinda like now, there must be a market for 5 or even 6 windows phone 7 handsets.

    Its dead, give it up, go home, no-one wants them in the face of Android and Apple.

  2. Gary, You have obviously seen it all, done it all, and clearly know sweet F/A about it. Cheers.

  3. I watched the RunRev promo video,Hmmm.!!!
    Perhaps after a year or so of getting to grips with the software and become a Guru in it, I might just about get the sheep demo written in about 3 days never mind 3 hours. Or am I exceptionally lazy when it comes to coding? Anybody out there actually used it from scratch, without help and with no coding experience to start with? I would love to read your feedback. Cheers.

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