Detailed look at a WordPress hack

Angsuman Chakraborty’s technical blog suffered a similar attack to mine – the malicious script was the same, though the detail of the attack was different. In my case WordPress was attacked via Phorum. Chakraborty offers a detailed look at how his site was compromised and makes some suggestions for improving WordPress security.

In both these cases, WordPress was not solely to blame. At least, that is the implication. Chakraborty thinks his attack began with an exploit described by Secunia, which requires the hacker first to obtain access to the WordPress password database, via a stray backup or a SQL injection attack. Nevertheless, Chakraborty says:

One of the challenges with WordPress is that security considerations were mostly an afterthought (feel free to disagree) which were latched on as WordPress became more and more popular.

I have huge respect for WordPress. Nevertheless, I believe its web site could do better with regard to security. The installation instructions say little about it. You really need to find this page on hardening WordPress. It should be more prominent.

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