Microsoft’s Visual Studio and Team Foundation Server get Git integration

Microsoft has announced Git integration in both the Visual Studio IDE and the Team Foundation Service hosted source code management system. According to Technical Fellow Brian Harry:

1. Team Foundation Server will host Git repositories – and more concretely, Team Foundation Service has support for hosting Git repositories starting today.

2. Visual Studio will have Git support – and concretely, we released a CTP of a VSIX plugin for the Visual Studio 2012 Update 2 CTP today.

Git is an open source version control system originally designed by Linus Torvalds to support the development of the Linux operating system. It is a distributed version control system, which means every working directory is itself a full repository, enabling easy forking and offline work.

Team Foundation Service is a version of Team Foundation Server hosted by Microsoft.

Git integration was also recently added to Perforce, another version control system, in the form of the Perforce Git Fusion add-in, emphasising the fact that Git is now a mainstream, enterprise revision control system.

2 thoughts on “Microsoft’s Visual Studio and Team Foundation Server get Git integration”

  1. Microsoft has adopted Git.

    Bitbucket now offers Git.

    The Eclipse community survey shows that Git has a 10x lead over Mercurial, at least among Eclipse’s Java-heavy userbase.

    Google Trends shows that Github gets 9x as many queries as Bitbucket. “Git Windows” gets 6x as many queries as “Mercurial Windows” and “hg Windows” combined.

    (Adding “Windows” restricts it to computer-related queries. Apparently, “git” is a common word in Turkish, and “Mercurial” is a popular Nike sneaker.)

    I’m still using Mercurial, but at some point the ecosystem effects take over. I stuck with Wordperfect all the way down to 5% market share, and then I switched to Word. Mercurial is approaching Wordperfect levels of market share.

  2. I would appreciate if Tim could put together a git/Mercurial comparo. I’m using Mercurial and pretty pleased with it. Curious what adopting git would give me over Mercurial.

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