Embarcadero acquires AnyDAC data access libraries for Delphi, C++ Builder

Embarcadero has acquired the AnyDAC data access libraries from DA-SOFT, including its main author Dmitry Arefiev. These libraries support Delphi and C++ Builder and support connections to a wide range of database servers, including SQL Server, DB2, Oracle, PostgreSQL, SQLite, Interbase, Firebird, Microsoft Access, and any ODBC connection.

AnyDAC is well liked by Delphi devlopers for its performance, features and support. Its architecture includes a local data storage layer similar to the dataset in Microsoft’s ADO.NET.

While it is good to see this set of libraries added to the mainstream product, developers are asking the obvious questions. What will happen to the cost and to the support for AnyDAC?

I am both scared and relieved at the same time. We took the AnyDAC route a few years ago, getting out of the BDE, and we have not regretted it for a second. My fright comes from the fact that DA-SOFT could not be beat in terms of customer support…many of us have come to DA-SOFT with a problem, only to have it fixed the next day. It is only realistic to think that with Embarcadero, this will no longer be the case.

says Dan Hacker on product manager Marco Cantu’s blog.

3 thoughts on “Embarcadero acquires AnyDAC data access libraries for Delphi, C++ Builder”

  1. Does anyone care?

    I’m a long long time Delphi dev and love it but all the devs I know moved to .net a loooong time ago. I still use D7 Pro to do the small amount of Delphi dev that I still do because it gives me everything I need. When D7 pro was released it was something like £400 and came with drivers for all DBs not just local ones.

    Embercadero want me to spend £700 for pro which doesnt support proper DBs and then some more on 3rd party libs or even completely mad and spend £1300?!?!?!?!?!?!?!

    The words ‘boat’ and ‘missed the’ spring to mind


  2. Gary & Rob, Couldn’t disagree more.

    Gary, Delphi 7 Pro did not include client/server database drivers. Delphi 7 Enterprise came with c/s drivers and MIDAS license.

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