Vista shell annoyances

CodeGear’s Barry Kelly has a well-explained list of Vista shell annoyances. I don’t dislike Vista as much as Kelly but these things annoy me too, with the exception of the Start menu which I prefer in its Vista guise. Kelly doesn’t like the way Vista constrains it to a scrolling panel, but I find the search box more than compensates, and I dislike the way the XP Start menu expands all over the screen and gives up when it runs out of room.

He includes a handy tip about how to get a direct shortcut to the Network Connections control panel applet.

There’s an interesting point about menus in Vista applets:

It has become fashionable for applications designed for Vista to hide menu bars. Unfortunately, they usually haven’t been replaced by a viable alternative.

In every case I can think of – for example, Internet Explorer, Explorer, Media Player – I’ve enabled the traditional menus, even though they are hidden by default.

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