Delphi and C++ Builder 2009 are available to order

I’m choosing my words carefully, because although the CodeGear/Embarcadero site is now showing Delphi 2009 as the current version, if you click through to the order page it only offers a pre-order. Still, it must be done or thereabouts. US prices are as follows:

Delphi 2009: Pro $874.00;  Enterprise $1974.00; Architect $3474.00

C++ Builder 2009 costs the same; or you can get a bundle with both for a relatively small extra cost, eg. $1074.00 for Delphi and C++Builder Professional.

Curiously, an upgrade to Delphi 2009 Pro only costs $374.00 (57% discount), but an upgrade to Enterprise is $1274.00 (35% discount). I can’t make sense of this except on the basis that any product labelled “Enterprise” is presumed not price sensitive.

So what’s not in the Pro version? The Enterprise edition adds drivers for server databases in the dbExpress database framework, the DataSnap multi-tier application framework, and a full range of modeling diagrams. Architect bundles ER/Studio Developer Edition, Embarcadero’s database modeling tool, with support for a wide range of database servers.

In other words, the majority of Delphi’s features are in the Pro edition, which is really much the best value, though if you need DataSnap or client-server dbExpress then I guess you have no choice.

The big features here strike me as Unicode in the Visual Component Library; and the new language features, generics and anonymous methods. I’ve not yet looked at the product though, so watch this space.

5 thoughts on “Delphi and C++ Builder 2009 are available to order”

  1. Well I’ll be looking forward to your review Tim, the biggest thing of interest for me is the touted ‘VCL for the web’, will it really offer me the ability to visually layout components on a TForm and then generate an equivalent webpage with any required javascript/html at the press of a button?

    Lets hope so!

  2. I have been playing with Delphi 2009, and specially C++ Builder 2009 since some weeks ago, and I must admit, it is a nice improvement.

  3. Gary: You look forward to “VCL for the WEB”. It has been there since D7 (and perhaps older), at that time called IntraWeb.

  4. Well not exactly Henrik, if I want to build a web app that is quirky and proprietry then I could use Intraweb, I want to build standards compliants sites where delphi generates standard html and javascript which is easily modifyable.

  5. 1. I miss more information on C++ Builder 2009 Professional. When I search Amazon for

    Borland c++ builder 2007

    I find 5 hits and one irrelevant for the 2009 builder.

    2. Do you know of good books / tutorials on the 2009 builder or is it too early.

    3. I am especially interested in web related subjects like integration with JS DOM and PHP (for interpreted scripting code).

    Best regards
    Kjell Bleivik

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