image blank in Google Chrome browser history

Google Chrome is available for download. I’ve done it in fact; very smooth install. It looks like the company is serious about getting this widely deployed quickly, despite its beta status – there’s a download link on the Google home page – must be important to break the 28 words rule.

Chrome shows your “most visited” sites as a kind of home page. I was amused to see that shows up here as blank:

No doubt there is a good technical reason. People used to say “DOS Ain’t Done until Lotus won’t run”; and that was not true either.

Update: Honesty compels me to admit that the Microsoft snapshot eventually filled in. Still, it is not much better:

The problem is that the central Silverlight panel is failing to load; the main site looks like this in Chrome as well. OK, so Silverlight doesn’t support Chrome. But Microsoft no doubt has something better than a blank panel for incompatible browsers. Was it warned in advance about the advent of Chrome? Was anyone? I know this is WebKit and that what works in Safari should work here; but we all know that browser compatibility is complex. Still, it is entertaining.

Further update: It looks the same in Safari on Windows! I should explain that there is some more stuff to the right and below the empty panel; but the empty sky background occupies the main part of the page.

To get the full picture, I visited the page with FireFox on Linux:


This looks better, but it’s a tease. It has a link to download Silverlight; if you follow it, it eventually reveals that your browser or operating system is unsupported. Sloppy Microsoft; Google exonerated.

More on Chrome soon, no doubt.

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7 thoughts on “ blank in Google Chrome browser history”

  1. Silverlight is working fine for me in Chrome, about:memory also lists it:
    Silverlight Plug-In

    So I don’t know why it’s not working for you, I’ve had Silverlight installed for quite a while

  2. Mark

    It works on the Microsoft home page? A Vista issue? Neither Safari nor Chrome is officially supported by Silverlight as you may know. I also see the plug-in loaded though so it is trying to work.


  3. “Neither Safari nor Chrome is officially supported by Silverlight”

    SAY WHAT???? Safari is fully supported by Silverlight !

  4. @Mark

    Thanks – I guess the explanation is that you have Silverlight 1.x installed, and I have 2.x. Admittedly mine is a beta; but bearing in mind that it has a go-live license and was widely used to view the NBC olympics this is still a bit embarassing for Microsoft.


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