Review: Here comes the Future by the Honeydrips

The Honeydrips is Mikael Carlsson, formerly in the Swedish band Dorotea. This is a beautiful album – the band’s sole release, as far as I know – combining Carlsson’s haunting, graceful vocals with electro-funk backing that echoes (more than echoes, in places) bands such as New Order and its predecessor Joy Division, though it is generally lighter in mood.

The album opens with some twanging guitar and the words “Last night I had the strangest dream”, setting a surreal atmosphere that persists throughout.

Favourite track: It was a sunny Summer day, a bland title disguising a cascade of melody, a touch of Carribean percussion, and bittersweet lyrics "it was a sunny summer day, when all my hope drifted away…"

"I know a place where you and I could go, if you’re up for trying something new" (from the second track) – give it a go. You don’t even need to buy it; try it on Spotify, which is where I discovered it, though I went on to buy the CD from the record label’s site:

proving that online music services really can result in a purchase.