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December 4, 2004

Microsoft Access: my number one wish

Posted 4755 days ago on December 4, 2004

The JET database may be rather aged, but Access has a great UI for browsing and managing databases as well as a decent report writer. But here's my number one wish. I often use the query designer, but I usually want to write my own SQL. However, when you choose New Query, it comes up with the visual designer. So first I have to cancel the "Show Table" dialog; then I have to go to View and choose SQL. Tedious. Access 2003 gave us the ability to change the font in this designer, but why can't I set it to come up with the SQL view by default? I guess I should do a macro.

As an aside, I spent 5 minutes looking for an office feedback form on Microsoft's site. I can find one for documentation, but not for product feedback. Developers get the wonderful Product Feedback Center - I love it because it has voting, and because the team is good at responding, even if the response is often "won't fix". It's all about communication. So if someone from the Office team reads this - how about it?

Re: Microsoft Access: my number one wish

Posted 4753 days ago by Aaron Robinson • • • Reply

If you spend quite a bit of time in the same Access DB, creating the macro and then putting in on the menu would make this process a bit less painful:

SendKeys {Enter}
SendKeys %c


- Aaron

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