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February 2, 2004

Who invented the Wizard?

Posted 5040 days ago on February 2, 2004

Google has failed me, so... does anyone out there know who invented the wizard? By which I mean the step-by-step dialogs commonly found in all sorts of software (question arises from my work reviewing programming IDEs)?

Excel's Chart Wizard? Or I have a vague recollection that Microsoft Publisher 1.0 was an early example? Having said which, someone will pop up and say it has nothing to do with Microsoft...

Update - see this more recent post as a wizard inventor has now come forward.

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Re: Who invented the Wizard?

Posted 4995 days ago by Tim Anderson • • • Reply

For example, check this out:


- mentions page wizards back in 1991, which tallies with my recollection that Publisher 1.0 was a wizard pioneer.

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