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October 20, 2003

The year of the Tablet?

Posted 5150 days ago on October 20, 2003 One week away from Microsoft's Professional Developer's Conference. For this PDC I'll be Tablet-enabled for the first time. Despite an uncertain start sales-wise I'm convinced that the Tablet is a significant advance on the old-style laptop. I've written a bit about this here: http://www.itwriting.com/tablet.php. But for this PDC I want to try out the cool OneNote feature that lets you sync up notes with an audio recording. In theory this could save a ton of time extracting what I need from the notes. Then again the battery life on my Acer is poor, so for sure I'll take along the trusty Minidisc as well. I'll report back on the success or otherwise of PDC tableting for this UK journo - watch this space.

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