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February 8, 2006

Borland puts up Delphi for sale

Posted 4324 days ago on February 8, 2006

Sad day. Borland is getting out of the IDE business. Key quote:

Borland announced plans to seek a buyer for the portion of its business associated with the Integrated Development Environment (IDE), including the award-winning Borland Developer Studio (Delphi®, C++Builder® and C#Builder®) and JBuilder® product lines.

I'm sad about JBuilder, but this is not really news since we already knew that JBuilder 2006 was the last of its line. Delphi and C++Builder on the other hand are to my mind the heart and soul of the company. This is the end for Borland C and Borland Turbo Pascal.

Of course they might get a new lease of life from whoever purchases them. History suggests that this is unlikely. When I think of IDE products that have been passed around from company to company (Visual Café; dBase; Paradox) I think of products that have either disappeared or shrunk into tiny niches.

I understand the business reasons. Borland's Raaj Shinde told me a year ago that:

...the Borland SDO [Software Delivery Optimization] solution is going to be built on two primary platforms. One is Eclipse, the other is Visual Studio.

These are indeed the two IDE platforms that matter these days. Still, Delphi 2006 looked like a new dawn for Delphi, at least in the medium term while people still care about Win32 development.

Maybe more once I've listened to the conference call.


Re: Borland puts up Delphi for sale

Posted 4297 days ago by Dave Jones • • • Reply

I have liked using Delphi since version 2.0. I always thought that Borland should return to their roots with Delphi and make it a low cost Pascal development system, rather than a very expensive corporate development platform. i.e. Turbo Pascal rather than Visual Studio.

Now that they have decided to sell the IDE, the potential buyers are probably very few. My suggestion would be to Open Source it. The Windows platform needs a good low cost development tool that will capture the hearts and minds of the hoobyist or small start-up that can't afford Visual Studio.

Re: Borland puts up Delphi for sale

Posted 4296 days ago by Adrian • • • Reply

When you have a company in the IT business and want to make a success out of it, you must ask yourself " What makes you special, what's your competitive advantage ?'
JBuilder ? There are lots of very good Java IDE's
C Bulder ? They say Microsoft has a better one !
Interbase ? Free SQL everywhere
UML -> What's that ? Do you understand what you're doing ?
Arhitect bla, bla bla -> Are you for real ?
Application Life Cicle -> What's that ? Who really need it ? It's some kind of an IT udertaker ?
-> How many companies are there to buy such a niche product ?

So what sets Borland aside from everyone in Delphi
And they are selling it !!!!

What you should do is FIRE YOUR MARKETING PEOPLE !!!!!!

Put it in the < 500$ range and make some objects for Palm, Pocket PC and Smart Phones, not that shit with JBuilder + 1000 other downloads that sometimes work.
Update Kylix to the last versions of Linux.
It's by far the best IDE in Linux.
Even if Linux is "best server" as server, applications in XTerm or even
in text terminal are still requested.

Maybe you can make cross compiles to generate Java code

Advertise, promote it.
That's teh key to success. Products don't sell by themselves even if they are
clean and elegant as Delphi is.

Re: Borland puts up Delphi for sale

Posted 4296 days ago by Tim Anderson • • • Reply

Yes, the lack of marketing for Delphi has long been a puzzle. Somehow Borland seemed to give up trying to promote Delphi to users of other tools and resigned itself to a sizeable but limited niche.


Re: Borland puts up Delphi for sale

Posted 4296 days ago by Phil Hackett • • • Reply

As a long term Delphi developer I've thought that Borland have lacked the direction they've needed with their IDEs in recent years. I honestly think that declaring them Open Source as somebody suggested above, would probably be the best way of ensuring a future for them. In fact, in wouldn't surprise me if the buyers simply use this as an opportunity to elimate the competition.

I've personally decided that I'm going to move to Visual Studio running a Chrome language plug in for new projects. In my opinion the Delphi language is the more timeless part of what Borland have produced. The VCL is bound to look a little long in the tooth as time goes on. And since Borland decided not to release it for Visual Studio, RemObjects may well carry the baton from here on. I mean - they've added signifcant new language improvements, that it seemed Borland would never have gotten around to.

Re: Borland puts up Delphi for sale

Posted 4296 days ago by Tim Anderson • • • Reply

Funny should mention Chrome; I'm investigating it right now.

Re: Borland puts up Delphi for sale

Posted 4296 days ago by Phil Hackett • • wwwReply

A move from Delphi to Chrome should be relatively inexpensive: Both Chrome and Visual Studio (Standard Edition is fine) allow you to buy upgrade versions, in order to move up from Delphi (total cost around £230), and you can continue to use your original Delphi as needed after the upgrade (I've checked with Microsoft and RemObjects). Then if for some reason you feel the need you can abandon Chrome later, side-stepping to C#, safe in the knowledge that you've now got some idea about .net programming, that it's pretty much the same regardless of language and that any libraries/components you've written are still usable. I'm sold! Just waiting for a delivery of software now...

Re: Borland puts up Delphi for sale

Posted 4286 days ago by Ali • • • Reply

There were times when we heard that Microsoft OS is for x86 architecture only and all Microsoft software will run on 'Windoze' only.............

But now we can see Microsoft OS is making its way out as MAC with Intel-chip can run Windoz XP and Novell's Mono is paving the path for Microsoft .net to reside on Linux, Solaris, Mac OS X, Unix etc.....

...............sooner or later all these Borland IDE's will face the same fate as that of dBASE.


Re: Borland puts up Delphi for sale

Posted 4245 days ago by Rod • • • Reply

As a professional software developer with over 1.7 million lines of code written in Borland pascal I would like to see Delphi survive.

I wonder if there is any support from developers to form a co-op and buy out Borland ourselves. There must a few million of us, everyone chips in a couple hundred of bucks to buy some shares in a co-op and we "open source" it to members of the co-op.

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