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February 20, 2006

Developers tap to the beat

Posted 4316 days ago on February 20, 2006

Does listening to music while you code inspire or distract? Microsoft raises this question in a press release issued today, but sadly fails to address the interesting question of how music might affect your work, preferring the safe territory of fave choices among the 80% of UK developers who apparently listen while coding. Coldplay is said to be the current top choice - the track Yellow is mentioned, but with tracks like Fix You, Don't Panic and Twisted Logic how could they lose? - while opera comes bottom of the list. We are also informed that HMV digital has a music radio station especially for developers; unfortunately I can't report further as it is for subscribers only:

Of course it's not all one way. From Laurie Anderson's Let X = X to Kraftwerk's Pocket Calculator, programming has long been an inspiration to the music industry, though despite appearances Tired of waiting for you by the Kinks was not actually inspired by a Windows NT patching session.

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