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March 20, 2006

Marc Canter on Vista: You won't go back

Posted 4266 days ago on March 20, 2006

I did an interview today with Marc Canter, founder of MacroMind which after later merges became Macromedia. Canter now runs his own company, Broadband Mechanics. What's Canter doing at Mix? "As Sun Tzu said, you have to know your enemy", he joked; but in truth Canter is impressed by some of what Microsoft is doing; he's also here to pitch open standards used by structuredblogging.org. Canter's company is working on a set of "People Aggregator" APIs. "The People Aggregator is a full-fledged social network that's a web service", he explained; he'd like to see it incorporated into MSN Spaces.

Canter sees Vista as groundbreaking. "All those Vista machines will have these chips in them which will be able to do this video effect, and once you see that working in GUIs, they'll finally have something to one-up Apple, and you won't go back. I don't see anything besides Avalon that's looking sexy and futuristic. You never touch a thing from Microsoft until version3.0, right? Well Vista is their third OS."

Canter doesn't see his former company as serious competition for XAML and WPF. "Flash and Flex are toys at best," he says. "Flex is a ripoff of Laszlo. Laszlo will be able to output SWF, DHTML and Avalon. Flex will never do that. The handwriting is on the wall for old-school companies like Adobe."

Canter is a maverick and visionary; I enjoyed meeting him. He will be on a panel later at Mix, on the future of media.

This is the second of a series of blogs on Mix06


I've amended this post to clarify Marc Canter's relationship with Macromedia - he had left MacroMind before the merger that formed Macromedia took place.


Re: Marc Canter on Vista: You won't go back

Posted 4264 days ago by Ryan Stewart • • wwwReply

Tim, very interesting, I enjoyed reading it.

Is there an extended version of the interview anywhere?

Re: Marc Canter on Vista: You won't go back

Posted 4264 days ago by Tim Anderson • • • Reply

Not yet; I intend to post a fuller version shortly; I'll blog the link when I do.

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