Apple iPhone 4 photo quality for a point-and-shoot snapper

Is the photo quality on Apple’s iPhone 4 good enough that I could leave my Canon IXUS 801S at home?

Unfortunately I think not. At least, that was my impression after taking a few snaps today.

Here’s the Canon:


and the iPhone 4:


With the iPhone 4 you tap to focus. I took multiple shots of this flower from various distances, trying to focus it correctly, but it has a tendency to do a better job on the background foliage.

Next, a snap of a record sleeve. Better for the iPhone, but still not great. Here’s the Canon:


and the iPhone:


It’s not surprising that a dedicated camera takes better snaps than one built into a phone; and I still think the iPhone camera is excellent. But I’ll keep packing the Canon in my bag.

4 thoughts on “Apple iPhone 4 photo quality for a point-and-shoot snapper”

  1. The iPhone pics are shockingly bad – did you pump the contrast up?

    No of course not. I did resize them to reduce download time; you can see a somewhat higher-res version if you click each image, though still reduced.


  2. What’s the record to which the sleeve belongs? I’ve seen it somewhere and I can’t remember so it’s niggling me. 😉

    I agree about the picture quality, although the depth-of-field is noticeably better on the iPhone. But this is generally going to be used for taking pictures of friends posing in bars and nightclubs so I suspect the customer base won’t be that bothered.

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