Dusty PC keeps on keeping on

It is amazing how well desktop PCs work even when choked by dust. This one was working fine:


It is a little hard to see from the picture, but the mass of dust on the right is actually a graphics card. The graphics card has its own fan, which was so dust-choked that the the space between the blades was filled.

Running PCs in this state is not a good idea. If your machine is not working properly or overheating, it is worth a look. If it is working fine, perhaps it is a worth a look anyway. The best way to clear it is with one of those air duster aerosols.

4 thoughts on “Dusty PC keeps on keeping on”

  1. Wow, I have seen some dusty PCs, but that is the worst one… I am amazed it kept on working… Kudos!

    The only problem with those air duster aerosols is that they blow the dust everywhere (including in your face)… Would a small vacuum cleaner be better?

    Great pic,


  2. I’ve actually got an old Dell Dimension 5000 (about 5 years old) and I try to regularly clean the thing out as when it’s running it tends to have this low hum that sounds like the PC is about to die.

    I’ll try one of those duster aerosols I think!

  3. I use a special duster brush that I bought for the Dyson as this dislodges and sucks up all the dust quickly.

  4. I always use the full sized upright Dyson for cleaning the PC, not forgetting the PSU if its out of warranty. Of course if the PSU is in warranty compressed air is a better idea as you can vacuum a PSU properly without opening it up.

    As I understand it the only reason using a full vacuum on the PC is not recommended is its easy to accidentally knock off a capacitor if you aren’t careful, and your average joe are not aware how fragile things like that are. The brush tool works particularly well though to get dust out of crevices especially crappy little GPU fans, but those you have to be REALLY gentle with as they are super easy to break if you dislodge the fan even slightly.

    I also have the hand held Dyson which is good for regular cleaning, you only need the full sized if you left it a bit too long and so you got build up. Even then, the hand held is REALLY powerful for its size and probably sufficient, I just prefer to use the more powerful one to get as much as possible out with the least effort.

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