ITWriting Blog archives

In October 2006 the ITWriting blog was migrated to WordPress. Unfortunately most of the old entries were not copied into the new system. The archived entries still exist, but until now there were no links to them; they were part of the dark web. Now all is revealed. These are the entries from the beginning (October 2003) until the WordPress migration. For more recent entries, you’ll need to use the WordPress archive links in the left-hand column.

I have also appended links to old articles that are no longer linked elsewhere.


Tuesday The 10th October Google’s unsettling lack of direction

Tuesday The 10th October Vista security: now prove it

Monday The 9th October Vista: the search for drivers begins

Thursday The 5th October Protecting the Windows kernel

Wednesday The 4th October Stob gets her teeth into Word

Wednesday The 4th October Times Reader memory shock

Monday The 2nd October Who cares about W3C validation?

Thursday The 28th September A handy guide to DRM on Nokia’s forums

Wednesday The 27th September HD DVD vs Blu-Ray – and data-mining Web 2.0 style

Wednesday The 27th September Times Reader vs Sony Reader

Monday The 25th September Delphi 7, Winhelp: not compatible with Vista

Monday The 25th September Vista is too good to dismiss

Friday The 22nd September Help! Vista’s coming

Thursday The 21st September Is this a bug in Vista RC1?

Wednesday The 20th September Securing Windows: why Microsoft is fighting its third-party partners

Monday The 18th September Heavy user praises Amazon S3

Tuesday The 12th September AAC is not a proprietary format

Monday The 11th September Hacking Turbo Delphi

Monday The 11th September iTunes hassles for digital identity expert

Sunday The 10th September How to get Visual Basic 6

Friday The 8th September Microsoft – the elephant not in the room

Friday The 8th September d.Construct 06 – Amazon says 800 million objects now stored in S3

Friday The 8th September Sun scratches the dynamic language itch

Thursday The 7th September IronPython is done

Thursday The 7th September Why the Vista Release Candidate isn’t

Monday The 4th September XNA hassles for 64-bit users

Sunday The 3rd September Amazon S3 may be too cheap

Saturday The 2nd September A new low for anti-virus software?

Saturday The 26th August eBay’s indifference to fraud

Saturday The 26th August Napster gets iPod compatibility

Thursday The 24th August Amazon’s virtual computing revolution

Thursday The 24th August A Delphi REST sample for Amazon S3

Wednesday The 23rd August Performance of Amazon S3

Wednesday The 23rd August XBox 360 vs The Rest

Wednesday The 23rd August How do Microsoft developers find info?

Tuesday The 22nd August Mac users – an influential 2.32%?

Monday The 21st August Visual Basic for Mono gets a revamp

Wednesday The 16th August Credit card fraud

Wednesday The 16th August Does Microsoft promote the desktop at the expense of the web?

Monday The 14th August Crisis at the W3C

Monday The 14th August Who says Microsoft doesn’t use .NET?

Thursday The 10th August Borland’s Turbo tools

Tuesday The 8th August A ClickOnce HTML editor

Monday The 7th August Help, I’m on Windows, where is my home?

Sunday The 6th August DVD ripping and why the right to burn CDs from iTunes might not last

Friday The 4th August Technorati tracking 50 million blogs

Friday The 4th August You can’t trust email

Wednesday The 2nd August Programming language trends: Java losing out to .NET?

Tuesday The 1st August Tao of the Windows Installer

Sunday The 30th July Java, security, and Lily Allen

Friday The 28th July iPod/iTunes "a lethal recipe for anti-competitive lock-in"

Thursday The 27th July shows off .NET open source

Tuesday The 25th July Charlie Calvert: another Borlander turns up at Microsoft

Tuesday The 25th July Recursion with Youos

Monday The 24th July Zune announced to hail of protest

Friday The 21st July XBox 360 hits 5 million installed base

Thursday The 20th July Phishing through Google

Thursday The 20th July Microsoft’s .NET pitch

Tuesday The 18th July Another way to hang Windows

Monday The 17th July No escape from native code in Vista

Sunday The 16th July The perils of dynamic data: NetBeans vs Eclipse

Saturday The 15th July Windows backslash is IBM’s fault?

Thursday The 13th July The purpose of testing is not to find bugs

Tuesday The 11th July Don’t use Java Enterprise Edition

Tuesday The 11th July Windows Forms 2.0 Programming

Friday The 7th July Microsoft employee laments iPod distraction

Thursday The 6th July Microsoft adds Open Document support to Office

Tuesday The 4th July Fixing Visual Studio setup projects

Monday The 3rd July ASP.NET author gets web standards

Saturday The 1st July 45 million unlinked blogs

Saturday The 1st July Another blog

Saturday The 1st July Microsoft: we won’t kill your PC

Friday The 30th June Abobe Flex 2.0 is out

Thursday The 29th June Implications of Google checkout

Thursday The 29th June as a web services platform

Wednesday The 28th June Dabble DB

Wednesday The 28th June Code to create Office XML

Tuesday The 27th June Google has the political power of a small state

Sunday The 25th June No price drop for XBox 360

Sunday The 25th June The two pillars of Longhorn

Friday The 23rd June Visual Studio start page a missed opportunity

Friday The 23rd June Is Blinq Microsoft’s answer to Rails?

Thursday The 22nd June Can the Internet be fixed?

Thursday The 22nd June Ruby and .NET

Wednesday The 21st June 3D is not just eye-candy

Monday The 19th June Abobe vs Microsoft: When two is fewer than one

Thursday The 15th June Debugging Visual Studio design mode

Tuesday The 13th June Ray Ozzie: talking the talk

Tuesday The 13th June SQL Server Everywhere is up for download

Saturday The 10th June WinFX is .NET Framework 3.0 – are you less confused?

Friday The 9th June .NET 64-bit hassles

Friday The 9th June MSDN Wiki – plaudits and questions

Thursday The 8th June Microsoft, cross-platform and WPF/E

Thursday The 8th June What’s coming in Dreamweaver 9

Wednesday The 7th June Annoying documentation

Monday The 5th June The new Netiquette: keep your comments clean

Saturday The 3rd June New database role for Team System

Friday The 2nd June Search as user interface

Wednesday The 31st May The synchronized web: caching is magic

Wednesday The 31st May Visual Studio porting hassles

Thursday The 25th May I have seen Apollo

Tuesday The 23rd May Targetting the JavaScript virtual machine

Friday The 19th May Borland CEO: We won’t be JBuildered again

Friday The 19th May An update to the HtmlEditor

Wednesday The 17th May Visiting calls 100 services

Tuesday The 16th May Memory use rockets with 64-bit .NET

Tuesday The 16th May CodePlex is online

Sunday The 14th May Ocado

Sunday The 14th May Java, .NET and dynamic languages

Saturday The 13th May When will Microsoft understand home media?

Saturday The 13th May The cloud vs the LAN

Friday The 12th May Team System reviewed

Friday The 12th May Adobe Apollo: Flash beyond the browser

Tuesday The 9th May Visual Studio Web Application Project is gold

Monday The 8th May JBuilder Eclipse to be more like JBuilder

Monday The 8th May Why web search always beats local help

Friday The 5th May NetBeans in search of Rails magic

Wednesday The 3rd May Borland’s IDE sale: progress report

Wednesday The 3rd May Could you miss this?

Wednesday The 3rd May Napster makes bold move while iTunes gets it wrong

Tuesday The 2nd May WS-* versus REST

Monday The 1st May Microsoft .Net most popular dev platform in the world?

Friday The 28th April ASP.NET Web App Projects gets real-world approval

Wednesday The 26th April Detailed study of cross-platform .NET

Wednesday The 26th April Google is the F1 of our lives

Wednesday The 26th April What’s coming in Windows Mobile

Monday The 24th April EU vs Microsoft: gunning for the wrong target

Monday The 24th April Visual Studio 2005 is unstable

Friday The 21st April Oracle Express: free and huge

Thursday The 20th April Why Microsoft released a buggy VB compiler

Wednesday The 19th April Borland’s strange ‘DevCo’

Wednesday The 19th April How to write fast software

Tuesday The 18th April Will Wikipedia become Britannica?

Saturday The 15th April In laptops, small is beautiful

Thursday The 13th April Users, who needs ’em?

Tuesday The 11th April Enterprise software: it’s maintenance, not platform choices

Tuesday The 11th April Sun’s Java burden

Tuesday The 11th April The Enterprise software debate

Friday The 7th April gives up on Mono

Friday The 7th April More on Vista: Pretty vs Useful

Friday The 7th April What’s your Vista rating?

Thursday The 6th April Microsoft backtracks on ASP.NET app model

Tuesday The 4th April MySpace, ColdFusion and ASP.NET

Monday The 3rd April Who’s using Team System?

Friday The 31st March Software contracts and agile methodology

Thursday The 30th March Microsoft makes a grab for Borland developers

Wednesday The 29th March How XAML gets compiled

Wednesday The 29th March Microsoft should use Flash, says Adobe’s John Dowdell

Tuesday The 28th March Delphi for .NET 2.0 now

Monday The 27th March Drilldown into WPF/Everywhere

Saturday The 25th March Microsoft: VBA supported "for the forseeable future"

Saturday The 25th March Microsoft does cross-platform .NET with WPF/E

Thursday The 23rd March Subversion vs Perforce

Tuesday The 21st March Mix06 reflections

Monday The 20th March Amazon: fee-based services are better

Monday The 20th March Marc Canter on Vista: You won’t go back

Monday The 20th March Networking at Mix06

Monday The 20th March Not yet a geek friendly world

Friday The 17th March Mix06

Friday The 17th March Grimes on .Net (again)

Thursday The 16th March Ruby on Rails will change the world

Wednesday The 15th March Amazon gets Web Services

Tuesday The 14th March Microsoft runs .NET on Xbox 360

Monday The 13th March Google to sell online content

Sunday The 12th March Gosling on Java vs other languages

Friday The 10th March Writely in action

Friday The 10th March Don’t trust Google with your data

Thursday The 9th March Over 30 million blogs on Technorati

Thursday The 9th March Bright ideas for post-Borland Delphi

Wednesday The 8th March If languages are bicycles…

Wednesday The 8th March Google deleted all my mail

Wednesday The 8th March Amazon pays you to search the web

Wednesday The 8th March Google clutter with IE7

Tuesday The 7th March Speeding up Windows Forms

Monday The 6th March Google: where did we go wrong with Google Maps?

Monday The 6th March Mono vs Microsoft: can you tell the difference?

Sunday The 5th March Eric Meyer says IE7 will be OK

Saturday The 4th March Mix06 is full

Saturday The 4th March IDE comparison: a very silly survey

Friday The 3rd March Enthusiast buzz for Creative Vision:M

Thursday The 2nd March Team System: you really need it all

Wednesday The 1st March Which dynamic language will win the enterprise?

Tuesday The 28th February Windows backup failure mystery

Tuesday The 28th February Speeding up Delphi 2006

Monday The 27th February Is it Mono vs WPF/Everywhere?

Monday The 27th February Agitator and Team System compared

Sunday The 26th February Pitfalls when handling COM events in managed code

Saturday The 25th February The pain of private runtime libraries

Friday The 24th February Installing Team System RC1

Thursday The 23rd February Write your Google website now

Thursday The 23rd February Where next for e-Books? Please Not YABDDTC

Wednesday The 22nd February Downtime and its consequences

Tuesday The 21st February Download the future of web apps

Tuesday The 21st February Farewell to FrontPage

Tuesday The 21st February Why all web sites look the same

Monday The 20th February Developers tap to the beat

Saturday The 18th February Microsoft’s dinosaur campaign

Saturday The 18th February Buggy calculators

Friday The 17th February David Heinemeier Hansson on Rails

Thursday The 16th February Limitations of SSL exposed by phishing fraud

Thursday The 16th February Then and Now: Sleepycat CEO on Oracle

Thursday The 16th February Latest Gates tongue-twister: 2007 Microsoft Office System

Wednesday The 15th February What’s wrong with Office Live

Wednesday The 15th February Office Live a threat to Small Business Server

Tuesday The 14th February Measuring authority

Tuesday The 14th February WPF Everywhere: Not yet

Monday The 13th February Delphi is dead rumours

Monday The 13th February Mashups and the future of web apps

Sunday The 12th February Rails a "fundamental restart in the thinking process"

Saturday The 11th February PSP Pinball disappointment

Friday The 10th February JBuilder and Delphi may be separated

Friday The 10th February JBuilder 2006 not end of line, says Borland

Friday The 10th February EFF says don’t use Google Desktop

Thursday The 9th February Final notes on the "Future of web apps"

Wednesday The 8th February Borland puts up Delphi for sale

Wednesday The 8th February Flex enterprise services for .NET: maybe never

Wednesday The 8th February David Heinemeier Hansson says be happy

Wednesday The 8th February Add value to the aggregate web, says BBC/Yahoo developer

Wednesday The 8th February SOAP is insane, says founder

Tuesday The 7th February Blogging Web 2.0

Tuesday The 7th February Adobe’s agressive pricing for Flex 2: Free

Tuesday The 7th February Who’s fastest: SQLite, SQL Server, MySQL, or what?

Monday The 6th February NetBeans 5.0 challenges Eclipse

Sunday The 5th February Don’t rewrite, refactor

Friday The 3rd February Blogs are not reliable

Friday The 3rd February Rant: Why does Microsoft delete KB articles?

Friday The 3rd February Neat Windows GUI for SQLite – SQLite Spy

Thursday The 2nd February Delphi 2006 and the .NET vs native debate

Wednesday The 1st February Reflections on IE7

Tuesday The 31st January Mainsoft’s test suite for Mono

Monday The 30th January IBM gets into the free DBMS game

Sunday The 29th January Robert Fripp’s music download store

Sunday The 29th January Robert Fripp commends Vista

Saturday The 28th January Reflecting on XBox 360 Live Arcade

Friday The 27th January Who’s who at WhatWG, and why it matters

Friday The 27th January First ever profit for Windows Mobile

Friday The 27th January MSN Spaces to be Windows Live Spaces

Friday The 27th January Microsoft Live claims to be disruptive

Thursday The 26th January Tech-Ed Europe rebranded, moves to November

Thursday The 26th January Microsoft’s "Application Blocks" counter quick and dirty coding

Wednesday The 25th January Analyst: only RDBMS and Unix will last

Wednesday The 25th January Google loves blogs

Tuesday The 24th January .NET vs Objective-C and Cocoa

Tuesday The 24th January Web 2.0 the Microsoft way – Mix 06

Monday The 23rd January Crystal Quest is back

Monday The 23rd January On Windows Vista and bad dialogs

Monday The 23rd January SQLite gets CHECK constraints

Sunday The 22nd January The observed life – depressing, or not?

Saturday The 21st January You have no privacy part 99999

Friday The 20th January Visual Studio Live – just get the docs right

Thursday The 19th January The truth about SQL Server

Thursday The 19th January It’s not just Google watching you

Wednesday The 18th January Who will *really* support Team System?

Tuesday The 17th January Team System just about up and running

Monday The 16th January NCC weighs in on DRM debate

Monday The 16th January BackgroundWorker exceptions in .NET 2.0

Monday The 16th January Where are you reading this blog?

Friday The 13th January Hosting Office documents in .NET forms

Friday The 13th January No more Windows Media Player for the Mac

Thursday The 12th January Mono 1.1 "stable for all users"

Wednesday The 11th January Borland’s best Delphi release for years

Wednesday The 11th January IntelliJ IDEA in an Eclipse world

Wednesday The 11th January Will I run Windows on a Mac?

Tuesday The 10th January Gosling is wrong, PHP is not a clone of JSP

Tuesday The 10th January Google Pack is not what I want

Saturday The 7th January Another reason not to buy from iTunes Music Store

Thursday The 5th January C# now more in demand than VB in the UK?

Monday The 2nd January The write-only web – what to do about old stuff?

Sunday The 1st January Visual Studio 2005 DLL Hell


Friday The 30th December IT Support: too much kick and hope

Wednesday The 28th December Who writes Amazon’s "reader reviews"?

Tuesday The 27th December Bad caps rant

Friday The 23rd December Microsoft dogfoods .NET – up to a point

Friday The 16th December Outlook’s extraordinarily obscure UI

Thursday The 15th December Impressed by Blogger Web Comments – the annotated web done right

Thursday The 15th December One more step towards the Google workplace

Tuesday The 13th December Ninja Gaiden on Xbox 360: nearly but not quite

Tuesday The 13th December Connecting an Xbox 360 – too hard?

Thursday The 8th December Live by the web; die by the web: Amazon’s Xbox 360 nightmare

Monday The 5th December Flex 2 preview on The Register

Friday The 2nd December Xbox 360 supply chaos as predicted

Thursday The 1st December 10 days of XP 64-bit

Wednesday The 23rd November JRE installs Google toolbar – how much do I hate this?

Monday The 21st November Running on Windows x64

Monday The 21st November Sony Rootkit is anti-virus failure

Saturday The 19th November Scary Google dominance in my site stats

Friday The 18th November Free Visual Basic 2005 eBook

Friday The 18th November A detailed roadmap for Mono

Friday The 18th November Delphi 2006 is done – apart from C++, that is

Monday The 14th November Rediscovering the small developer

Monday The 14th November New Borland CEO says … nothing much

Saturday The 12th November Xbox 360 not all that compatible …. yet

Friday The 4th November Common sense needed in Massachusetts Open Office debate

Friday The 4th November Xbox 360 supply chaos looms

Wednesday The 2nd November Making sense of Visual Studio 2005 editions

Monday The 31st October Sony copy protection resembles malware, claims Windows expert

Monday The 31st October Zend joins Eclipse – two IDEs will dominate software development

Sunday The 30th October Clever blog marketing

Saturday The 29th October David Berlind’s inDRMpendence campaign

Friday The 28th October Visual Studio 2005 is finally released

Friday The 28th October Forbes attacks bloggers

Friday The 28th October DRM, Apple, and the future of digital downloads

Wednesday The 26th October Can a computer play bridge?

Tuesday The 25th October Sony PSP makes sense of portable video

Tuesday The 25th October Putting Office online – has Sun got the vision?

Tuesday The 18th October Web 2.0 is taking off though it is not really new

Tuesday The 18th October Apple iPod and the perils of introductory pricing

Tuesday The 18th October Wikipedia under fire

Wednesday The 12th October Fixing Sophos and a rant against heavyweight solutions to simple problems

Wednesday The 12th October Please Sun – Don’t infect Java with the Google toolbar

Wednesday The 5th October Sun comes round to Microsoft’s point of view?

Thursday The 29th September The iTunes DRM debate

Tuesday The 27th September Sparkle is all Avalon, all .NET

Thursday The 22nd September Hell freezes over

Wednesday The 21st September Fixing Windows Server 2003

Tuesday The 20th September The stupidity of Default Permit

Friday The 16th September Will XAML be hated like Flash?

Monday The 12th September Sceptical about XBox 360 compatibility

Monday The 12th September Scoble at PDC

Friday The 9th September HP’s heavyweight utility slugs home PC

Sunday The 4th September Frustration for Microsoft employees

Friday The 2nd September Office XML and the Commonwealth of Massachusetts

Tuesday The 30th August Give your blog the right name

Monday The 29th August Microsoft’s Mono problem

Wednesday The 24th August Ways to use a wiki

Tuesday The 23rd August BBC reports on legal music file sharing

Monday The 22nd August What’s in your junk mailbox?

Monday The 22nd August A must-read ASP.NET post

Monday The 22nd August I have problems with iTunes

Friday The 19th August XBox 360 already no 1 at Amazon uk

Thursday The 18th August I’m running Windows Vista

Thursday The 18th August Remembering Windows 95

Wednesday The 17th August Analysing the latest virus attack

Wednesday The 17th August More FoxPro tea leaves to read

Monday The 15th August What is the future of COM?

Wednesday The 3rd August X-develop – an alternative IDE for .NET, Java and Mono

Saturday The 30th July HP sees sense over the iPod

Wednesday The 27th July From Indigo to mumble mumble

Tuesday The 26th July Indigo is like CORBA, says Miguel de Icaza

Monday The 25th July Farewell Treo, hello Microsoft Smartphone

Thursday The 21st July XML in SQL Server 2005

Wednesday The 20th July Who reads IT Magazines?

Monday The 18th July Mono and J2EE

Friday The 15th July Apple says don’t use Java

Friday The 15th July Simple Ajax – and a script tip

Tuesday The 12th July Dear Microsoft, where is the macro language for Office 12?

Friday The 8th July IIS 7 a bright spot at Tech-Ed Europe

Wednesday The 6th July Visual Studio and Longhorn – unscrambling the tangle

Tuesday The 5th July Motion Computing and the future of the Tablet

Friday The 1st July Microsoft was right to freeze Visual Basic 6

Wednesday The 29th June The catch behind free JDeveloper

Sunday The 26th June Wizard inventor comes forward

Saturday The 25th June Kent Beck slams troglodyte developers

Tuesday The 14th June Microsoft copies BlueJ

Tuesday The 14th June Subscription is the future for online music

Tuesday The 14th June The paradox of search – why external is best

Monday The 13th June Why CAPTCHA does not work

Wednesday The 8th June London Geek Dinner – and why Scoble expects to get sued

Sunday The 5th June Apple’s "catastrophic" server performance

Thursday The 2nd June End of the road for FoxPro

Wednesday The 1st June Chrome and cross-platform .NET

Wednesday The 1st June Ajax and .NET

Wednesday The 25th May Jade Empire XBox review

Sunday The 22nd May Microsoft’s Office team has lost touch with the individual

Friday The 20th May XBox 360 backwards compatible – no recompile required

Friday The 13th May How many PCs have spyware?

Friday The 13th May Just say no to intrusive applications – Yahoo Music, for example

Friday The 13th May How long should a tech book be?

Tuesday The 10th May Intel steals my memory

Sunday The 8th May Blogging is changing Microsoft

Friday The 6th May Building a 64-bit PC

Tuesday The 26th April Microsoft and Apple take different paths to 64-bit

Tuesday The 26th April Windows XP Pro x64 uses Server 2003 code base.

Thursday The 21st April Wi-fi by the minute leads to excessive hotel bills

Tuesday The 19th April Is Microsoft imploding?

Tuesday The 12th April Microsoft has new forums – but where’s the Smart Client?

Saturday The 9th April Opening a Mac Mini case

Friday The 1st April Computerworld Developer Survey

Friday The 1st April Borland, JBuilder and Eclipse

Thursday The 31st March Do we want role-based development tools?

Saturday The 26th March Using a wiki for documentation

Sunday The 20th March Influences on Team System

Thursday The 10th March How much memory does a .NET application use?

Monday The 7th March Grimes on .NET

Thursday The 3rd March How many IDEs can Borland support?

Thursday The 3rd March C# skills in high demand in the UK

Sunday The 27th February Is XBox 2 the answer to the iPod?

Saturday The 26th February Old-school vs New-school at Microsoft

Saturday The 26th February Robin Good’s Windows nightmare

Thursday The 24th February Xbox power cord mystery

Tuesday The 22nd February Slashdot on Mono

Tuesday The 15th February The risks and rewards of open source software

Monday The 14th February Welcome to LUA – developing for limited user accounts

Tuesday The 8th February Is Microsoft Office XML an open standard?

Tuesday The 1st February Borland’s quality problems and Delphi 2005

Thursday The 20th January Are you using Visual Studio Tools for Office?

Wednesday The 19th January iPod rivals need standards

Wednesday The 19th January How good is the iPod?

Monday The 17th January The .NET platform in Longhorn

Monday The 10th January DRM: Customers are hurting.

Monday The 10th January The CD sales boom will not last

Sunday The 9th January The problem with COM add-ins

Wednesday The 5th January Automating Windows Media Player


Tuesday The 21st December A simple Delphi wrapper for Sqlite 3.0

Thursday The 16th December Not so sure about "Plays for Sure"

Friday The 10th December Is downloadable music the end for high end audio?

Friday The 10th December VS 2005 and .NET 2.0 – September 2005, but too long delayed?

Saturday The 4th December Microsoft Access: my number one wish

Thursday The 2nd December ITWriting XBox Game of the Year 2004

Wednesday The 1st December Why C++ makes faster .NET apps

Tuesday The 30th November Why Internet single sign-on has to happen

Wednesday The 24th November Declining IE share – what difference does it make?

Thursday The 18th November Microsoft runs with local admin rights

Wednesday The 17th November Future Exchange API will be web services

Wednesday The 10th November FSFS to replace Berkeley DB in Subversion?

Friday The 5th November Where is the cross-platform tipping point?

Tuesday The 2nd November Team System or Subversion?

Friday The 22nd October Why I haven’t got a Mac

Friday The 15th October What Borland is up to with Software Delivery Optimization

Wednesday The 13th October monoForge offers free hosting on Linux

Tuesday The 12th October Trials with a Treo

Wednesday The 6th October A home needs a digital hub

Wednesday The 6th October Why does ADO.NET make me grab ALL the data to the client?

Tuesday The 5th October iPod users aren’t thieves

Wednesday The 29th September Why the Palm doesn’t do .NET

Friday The 24th September Middleware co. report on .NET vs WebSphere/Linux

Thursday The 23rd September Oracle’s Java tools strategy

Thursday The 23rd September .NET pros and cons – a new forum

Thursday The 23rd September The future of Windows Forms

Tuesday The 14th September 10 reasons Microsoft developers should look at SharpDevelop

Tuesday The 14th September A glimmer of RAD Linux (Kylix) interest from Borland

Saturday The 11th September A pure managed code database engine

Friday The 10th September Wrestling with the Windows Installer

Monday The 6th September Review of JDeveloper 10g

Sunday The 5th September Borland’s Boz Elloy praises Eclipse

Sunday The 5th September Eclipse now and in the future

Sunday The 5th September redesign

Friday The 3rd September Chrome – a new language for .NET

Friday The 3rd September Apple is lock-in too

Wednesday The 1st September A Longhorn blog worth reading

Friday The 27th August HP iPod a disappointment

Tuesday The 24th August Does anyone use .NET?

Monday The 23rd August New C# book for beginners

Saturday The 21st August SP2 debate exposes deeper problems

Friday The 20th August We need a standard for rechargeable batteries

Thursday The 19th August Still waiting for the ideal mobile device

Wednesday The 18th August In praise of Ninja Gaiden on XBox

Wednesday The 18th August Can Windows culture be changed?

Wednesday The 18th August SANS and securing Windows

Thursday The 5th August A Delphi-like language for Visual Studio?

Monday The 2nd August IBM’s Eclipse add-in links .NET and Java

Monday The 2nd August Lookout a sign of .NET acceptance?

Monday The 2nd August Code Complete 2

Friday The 30th July Email via mobile phone

Thursday The 29th July Apple, Real, iPod and iTunes

Wednesday The 28th July Free UML 2.0 designer from Borland

Tuesday The 27th July Vandalized Windows and a surprising discovery

Saturday The 24th July HP and Windows Mobile 2003 SE

Tuesday The 20th July No ActiveDocumentHost in Whidbey, or ever?

Tuesday The 20th July Exchange Intelligent Message Filter outsmarted

Sunday The 11th July Borland Together vs Microsoft Team System

Monday The 5th July CVS for everyday work

Wednesday The 30th June The hidden cost of spam

Wednesday The 30th June Mono is released

Monday The 14th June The hidden cost of viruses

Sunday The 6th June Reflections on Tech-Ed 2004 San Diego

Sunday The 6th June C# nullable types: null == null?

Tuesday The 1st June UML 2.0 stencils for Visio

Tuesday The 1st June So far so good with the Exchange IMF

Wednesday The 26th May Yukon is good for the .NET Framework

Tuesday The 25th May New Visual Studio Community Preview

Sunday The 23rd May Are code snippets evil?

Sunday The 23rd May It’s not piracy that killing CD sales

Thursday The 13th May Visual Basic’s broken array dimensioning

Tuesday The 4th May The Microsoft Installer is too complex

Tuesday The 27th April Mono is set for June 30th

Tuesday The 20th April Visual C++ Compiler is now free

Friday The 16th April Microsoft .NET on Linux advances (Mono)

Friday The 16th April More on XML in SQL Server 2005 (Yukon)

Tuesday The 13th April Borland kills Codewright

Wednesday The 7th April Lindows is just a bad name

Wednesday The 7th April IBM on Web Services and SOA

Tuesday The 6th April Sun, Microsoft, .Net and open source

Wednesday The 24th March Microsoft and the EU remedies

Tuesday The 23rd March Is the Microsoft platform too integrated?

Thursday The 18th March Microsoft: improve Windows Media Player

Thursday The 18th March IRiver, iPod, WMA, DRM

Wednesday The 17th March SQLite gets blob support

Monday The 15th March HP and iTunes a mistake?

Tuesday The 9th March Delphi, JBuilder, DRM

Monday The 8th March Google edits the Internet

Tuesday The 24th February Xbox Live and ISA server

Sunday The 8th February Tablet ad misses the mark

Monday The 2nd February Who invented the Wizard?

Monday The 2nd February ADA gets a blog

Monday The 2nd February Too much integration in today’s IDEs?

Thursday The 29th January Why many developers don’t get .Net

Monday The 26th January Microsoft Mini PDC in London

Friday The 23rd January .Net drawing in Delphi 8

Friday The 23rd January Java IDE market share

Wednesday The 21st January Java IDE market, Borland futures

Tuesday The 20th January New articles on

Sunday The 18th January Sqlite performance conundrum

Sunday The 11th January More fun with Sqlite


Saturday The 6th December Sqlite is small, fast and free

Wednesday The 19th November Unicode in HTML Editor for dot net

Sunday The 16th November Borland and Dot Net

Tuesday The 4th November BDP.Net considered harmful?

Monday The 3rd November From PDC to Borland Conference

Friday The 24th October No PDC Birds of a feather for Mono

Tuesday The 21st October Hosting mshtml

Monday The 20th October Tablet PDC plan hits snag

Monday The 20th October The year of the Tablet?

Archived articles

Camera, Flash, Action: LG Viewty review

The LG Viewty is a camera phone with a differnce. The UI is built with Adobe’s Flash, the camera is half-decent, and it plays DivX videos. Does that make it a good buy? Read this review.

Scott Guthrie on .NET futures

Scott Guthrie is a General Manager at Microsoft, responsible for most of the development teams working on .NET. In this interview, he talks about LINQ, new features in ASP.NET, and Silverlight, promising cross-platform compatibility on Windows, Mac and Linux.

Microsoft’s Jean Paoli on Office Open XML

Microsoft is seeking ISO standardisation for its XML Office document format, but running into opposition from advocates of the rival Open Document Format. This interview with Jean Paoli, General manager for interoperability and Office Open XML architecture at Microsoft, covers the rationale for ISO standardisation and reflects on the implications of its success or failure.

Windows Presentation Foundation Everywhere

Microsoft is taking its next-generation user interface cross-platform, with a new runtime that lets .NET and XAML run on the Mac and elsewhere. Tim Anderson talks to Forest Key, Director of Developer Tools Product Management at Microsoft.

DRM and the future of digital downloads

Tim Anderson reports on a press briefing with Barney Wragg of Universal Music and Michael Bornhäuser of DRM provider SDC. On the agenda: Subscription vs individual download, Apple, and rogue download site

XML in SQL Server 2005

SQL Server 2005 includes deep XML integration, including a native, indexed XML datatype along with commands that accept or return XML. Tim Anderson interviews Dr Michael Rys about the thinking behind the new features along with guidance on when to use them.

Miguel de Icaza on Mono

Mono is the open-source implementation of Microsoft .NET. Tim Anderson interviews project leader Miguel de Icaza, asking why Mono is now partnering with Mainsoft to ease migration to J2EE.

Why Microsoft froze Visual Basic 6

Visual Basic was the most popular programming language in the world, yet Microsoft froze its development in favour of a new and different VB. Here’s why.

Borland, JBuilder and Eclipse

On February 28th 2005, Borland became a Strategic Developer in the Eclipse Foundation. What are the implications for JBuilder, Borland’s Java IDE? Tim Anderson gives his view, based on a recent interview with Raaj Shinde, Vice President product strategy and architecture at Borland’s Together business unit

How much memory does my .NET application use?

Evaluating the memory usage of a Windows application – many developers are surprised at the high mem usage figures Task Manager reports for their .NET application. But is Task Manager giving useful information?

Behlendorf on Open Source

An interview with Brian Behlendorf, founder and CTO of CollabNet, closely involved with Apache, and a leading member of the open source movement.

How good is the iPod?

Check out this detailed review of the high-end iPod photo, Apple’s market-leading portable music player.

A simple Delphi wrapper for Sqlite 3

Sqlite is a small, fast and free database library. This is a simple wrapper for Delphi 7, including access to some of the new features in Sqlite 3.

The iRiver H320 and H340

An earlier review of iRiver’s H140 MP3 player has been one of the most visited pages on this site. Here now is a review of the more recent H320 / H340 series, together with some thoughts on what it takes to make a successful portable music device in today’s market.

Version Control with Subversion

Subversion is a popular open-source version control system. Here’s my review of the official handbook together with some comments about my own early experience installing and using Subversion itself.

Borland’s Software Delivery Optimization

Talking about SDO, Borland’s chief scientist Danny Thorpe said "..It’s big. Big work. Big risk. Big reward." But what is SDO, and what does this mean for popular tools like JBuilder and Delphi? Tim Anderson quizzes CEO and President Dale Fuller and Nigel Brown, Vice President and General Manager for Europe, Middle East and Africa.

What’s so good about Microsoft .NET?

Wondering whether to jump to .NET? This forum is dedicated to discussing the pros and cons, offering an at-a-glance view of key points with comments from the developer community.

Oracle’s Java Tools Strategy: An interview with Ted Farell

Ted Farrell is Architect and Director, Application Development Tools Division at Oracle Corporation.Here he talks about JDeveloper, both the current 10g and future versions. Topics include JDeveloper vs Eclipse, refactoring, MDA, and model-driven development.

Eclipse past present and future

An interview with Mike Milinkovich, executive director of the Eclipse Foundation, about the popular tools platform and Java IDE. I first wrote about Eclipse in July 2002, Of course that article is out-of-date now, but I referred to Eclipse as "a huge shake-up in the Java tools market" and said that "Eclipse has every prospect of becoming the standard Java IDE." Two years on, those comments still look reasonable.

Wrestling with the Windows Installer

After discovering the limitations in Visual Studio .NET setup projects, here’s what happened when I decided to tweak the generated Microsoft Installer file.

C# in Easy Steps

I’ve written a C# book for beginners.

The Vandalization of Windows

Windows is a good operating system, wrecked by those who exploit it. All is explained here.

IBM Talks Web Services

Jason Weisser is IBM’s VP of Enterprise Integration. I spoke to him about XML web services and the future of WebSphere.

Farewell to the CD

Not a development topic this time – just a personal reflection on the passing of the silver disk.

Introducing XML

An introduction to XML, explaining what it is and why it matters. Click here to read.

The Open Source revolution

A brief introduction and reflection on what open source and free software is all about.

Notes on Sqlite

Sqlite is a small, fast and free database library written in C. I decided to investigate using it as a cross-platform database libary with .Net and Java on Windows, Linux and Mac OS X. Here’s how I got on, including downloads.

Borland: The view from the top

Borland’s CEO Dale Fuller and Chief Technology Officer Blake Stone answer questions about JBuilder, Microsoft .Net, Delphi, Linux and more. Read it here.

Why Tablet PC?

Tablet PC will take off. Here’s why.

What’s new in SQL Server Yukon?

An in-depth interview with Microsoft product manager Euan Garden. Click here to read.

Investigating .Net

A whistlestop tour, combining history, opinion, technical introduction, and even a few predictions.Read it here.

What next for ColdFusion and JRun?

Macromedia Software Architect Edwin Smith talks about design decisions behind these new server-side products, how to survive in the J2EE market, and how ColdFusion might one day run on .Net.Click here to read it.

The HTMLEditor

A powerful .Net control that supports display and edit of HTML text. Also demonstrates advanced COM interop. Download it here.

XBox game of the year 2004

Democratically elected by a committee of one, here’s ITWriting XBox game of the year 2004.

Bob Dylan in concert

A musical legend in concert November 2005

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